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  1. Intensivstation Frankfurt Uniklinik Sep 2014 nach Fahrradunfall
    24 May, 2017
    My Health Care Insurance Bullshit and Facts you wanne know about: You are very Welcome!
    Due to the huge interest regarding my health care insurance I will give you first the facts so that you know what the real world is about - after it you can compare it to the artificially created bullshit and the try of the insurance to give an explain of this bullshit. This explanation was more focused on citing norms which could be used for similar cases (but not for mine) in which the sum of the monthly payments is question. My case is more about how often I have to declare what already is kn
  2. original extract of the administrative court's file with the changed page numbers
    23 Mar, 2017
    Intentioned manipulation of the court folder by the administrative court of Frankfurt
    Demonstration of intended manipulation: Pic of the original court's file as given to me by the administrative court My photo-docu Last but not least here is a demonstration given by a little pic of the original court folder as it is been copied by the administrative court of Frankfurt and given to me as it is on the pic. The numbers on the pages of every new entered page are important for a later proofing and demonstration of a manipulation of the court's folders. Are these numbers not in the
  3. Because of their fake they broke my neck.....
    21 Mar, 2017
    High Court: injured my right of hearing inner its duty to examine by ignoring facts & truth
    (i) Strafverfahren gegen Frau Rose bis Anfang Juli 2014 (ii) true documentation of the high court and my delivered arguments and reports of what happened with this unprofessionally and dilettantly behaving "lawyer" Rose caused by a conflict of interest (iii) my constitutional complaint after a restitutio in integrum because of the awaited decision of the administrative high court on behalf of the request of reinstatement caused by Ms. Rose  MY PHOTO_DOCU! zu (i) https://joom.ag/WVTW zu (ii)
  4. My pic inside the court and after the controls with the clock that said I was in time as I arrived
    07 Feb, 2017
    It's the nth fake invoice case against me at court houses in Frankfurt, Hesse
    - scanned original court documents - self explaining: magazine with the craftsman service company's cheating  - scanned original court documents - self explaining: magazine with the court's cheating - my facebook-post on the relevant day on this behalf - demonstration of felony on behalf of the judgement of default: the time I arrived at the court room and there was no contrary party all around and the decision that even before the date of court was no reason given to make this judgment of
  5. February 2016 at the JOBcon Finance Frankfurt
    21 Nov, 2016
    Denied admission to the first law exam in 2004 based on arbitrariness
    1. relevant resumes of this time 2. memorandum with the relevant laws   Because of all the questions! I worked here out the arbitrariness decision of the ministry of justice Hesse on behalf of my demand to be admitted to the first law exam by sending all by law requested documents which testified my performances during the whole studies. The admission to the law exam at the ministry of justice is also an recognition of having made the whole studies under the by law defined and obliged rules at
  6. Student ID of 1994 for my studies in law at Goethe University Ffm
    11 Nov, 2016
    Antrag und Zulassung zum WS 1994/95 zum Studium der Rechtswissenschaften an der Goethe Uni Ffm
    Because of the loud noises about my admission to the studies in law in 1994 at the Goethe University Frankfurt which had as result the exams in 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011 - at all 12 first law exams plus 16 Bar exam exams = 28 exams and two 4 Weeks thesis of each 50 pages here the admission procedure to the Goethe University in Law, check it out..... as I passed my high school degree they introduced a nummerus clausus in the law studies in Germany - I made petitions for injunctions for 5 different
  7. § 136a StPO denied repressive measures
    07 Nov, 2016
    Important events around my Bar exam, first law exam & trial against the Region Hesse
    1. Events around my whole exam eprocedure and the connections to me/ effects on me of them (Draft) 2. Withdrawals of doctoral thesis from 2010 on (there was only one case before 2010 in the 1970ies)  Here you can find some strange parallel happennings during my first law exam, Bar exam, trial against the Region Hesse because of the Bar exams and all the cyberstalks and real life stalks at my home (since 2007 the infiltration of my home and since 2008 the cyberstalks, but in 2012 both in an
  8. Maricla Kandzorra at the adjournment course for specialized lawyers in taxation in 2015
    15 Sep, 2016
    Zivilrecht I des zweiten juristischen Staatsexamens aus Januar 2011
    As demonstration of my written Bar Exam a sample. I published here  one of the most simple cases which they gave us to solve so that also non-Jurists can follow the argumentation. But my main intention is not just to demonstrate that I made these written Bar exams but especially for giving an example of the arbitrariness I'm speaking about the whole time.  It is a coincidence that I chose to publish this exam - it is the first of the 8 exams of the second try of the Bar exam in
  9. 9th School year at the catholic private girl's Gymnasium Edith-Stein-Schule, Darmstadt, Hesse, Germa
    15 Sep, 2016
    My Math Exam as 2nd main subject of my high school degree at the public Georg-Büchner-Schule, Darmst
    Because of all the questions about my math knowledges - here you can read my written high school degree exam in my second main subject Math of spring 1994 (my other subjects were geopolitics, arts and German)  - Math was from the 4th schoolyear on my preferred subject at the private catholic girl's Gymnasium Edith-Stein-Schule, Darmstadt (Hessen, Germany) where I went from my 5th School year on.  I changed for the high school to a public Sportsgymnasium Georg-Büchner Schule
  10. Kandzorra vs. WEG Würzburger Str. 2, Frankfurt a.M.
    15 Sep, 2016
    Kandzorra vs. WEG Würzburger Str. 2, Frankfurt a.M.
    Because of all the questions about the trial of me as property owner and the community of property owners of this house in Frankfurt Bornheim and especially against me and the house administration company. Check it out.... (i) WEG Würzburger Str. 2, Ffm. ./. Kandzorra Schriftsatz, eingangen beim Amtsgericht Frankfurt a.M. am 25.02.2013 (ii) Kandzorra ./. WEG Würzburger Str. 2, Ffm. Urteil vom 29.04.2015 (iii) Kandzorra ./.  WEG Würzburger Str. 2, Ffm Schriftsatz, eingegangen beim
  11. The Truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.
    15 Aug, 2016
    Geltendmachung nicht vorhandener Forderung aus 2014 der Rose ./. Kandzorra
    I don't need help! This is my decision to not accept neither the trials nor the court's "verdict". Since 2004 at least since 2010 these decisions are all over the law - abusively and illegitimated/ illegally/ based on arbitrariness. This people are convinced to be in the position in Frankfurt to injure the integrity by cheating a whole law system because of their in the past committed crimes supposed to covering their





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