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17 Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs
By implementing officially the SDGs this year in  January 2016 the 193 Member States of the UN are called to bring in effort to achive 17 SDGs till 2030. The new 2030 Agenda which is adopted by the Member States at a historic summit in September is a 17-points plan to end poverty, halt climate change and fight injustice and inequality. This adresses the needs of people in developed and developing countries without leaving anyone behind. The three dimensions of sustainable development are: social, economic and enviornmental - as well as related to this peace, justice and effective institutions. The effort to achive this goals is mainly a national responsability, but this should be also carried by creating new partnerships and international solidarity. This means that the goals involve the whole civil society, business and representatives of various interest groups. 
“To save the world, we need everyone
to tell everyone.”
– Professor Stephen Hawking
on the Global Goals
17 Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs
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With the Pope Francis's speech the 17 Global Gaols is been adpted by consesus of the member nations of the UN at the summit in September 2015, after a three year ongoing negotiation. "We want to change our world, and we can." said Chancellor Angela Merkel as one of the Leaders representing Germany als Member State of the UN. As international contract this goals are not legally binding, and for this not enforceable - but they are seen more than only orientations from which every nation will not only get out his value but also will have to put his own responsibity fo achieving this values.    
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Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption. Is this the Goal YOU care most about? #GlobalGoals 📷 from the amazing @glugevents and @viber #glug17

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